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RealVitalize Stairs

Fix It Up With Nothing Up Front


RealVitalize lets you make needed improvements to your home before you put it on the market with no upfront costs.  The results are remarkable!  Homes using the RealVitalize program sell 25% faster than other homes on the market.

Use the RealVitalize program to help with:

                      • Painting
                      • Staging
                      • Room Renovations
                      • Flooring & Carpentry
                      • Cleaning & Handyman Services
                      • Electrical & Plumbing
                      • Landscaping & Curb Appeal

The majority of homes using RealVitalize sell at or above list price

Sewickley Living Room

How It Works

1. Enroll - Your Agent Enrolls You in the RealVitalize Program

2. Schedule - Your Angi consultant connects with you to schedule the work

3. Renovate - The work gets completed on-time and on-budget

4. Sell - When your home closes, funds will be removed from the settlement proceeds, with no interest or fees.


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Fix It Now, Pay Later

Sell Faster for More Money

After Scott Ridge

Actual Home in Butler County that Benefited from RealVitalize


In Pittsburgh, we have a lot of older homes that haven’t been updated in years, and that’s going to hurt when it comes time to sell because the younger HGTV generation is looking for beautiful move-in ready houses, like the ones they see on TV.

So, Coldwell Banker Realty has come up with a solution.  Using our RealVitalize program, you can fix your home up before putting it on the market, and here’s the best part.  There are no payments until your property sells. 

We have teamed up with service providers from Angi to help you get all of your repairs and home improvements done first.  Here’s how it works.  Once you sign a listing contract with Coldwell Banker Realty, we will discuss which projects make the most sense. 

Your dedicated concierge will line up contractors for estimates.  You choose which contractor you want to use and how much you want to spend.  Once the work has been completed, Coldwell Banker pays the contractors, and you pay Coldwell Banker back at closing.  There are no upfront costs, hidden fees, or interest charges.

Common projects include, painting, installing new carpet, and completing minor repairs.  I even had a client put in all new windows.

When your property goes on the market with that fresh new look, it’s going to be a lot more appealing to the buyer who is looking for a beautiful move-in ready home.  The results speak for themselves.  Homes using the RealVitalize program sell 25% faster than similar homes, and most sell for a substantially higher price.

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